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With organizational change management & facilitation for non-profits building their future vision, undergoing mergers or partnerships, or transitioning to new leadership

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“If there’s any organization out there who wants to enact a change or is looking to grow, evolve, transform...and are willing to dedicate the time and energy to do so? Then David (and his team) is your guy.”

You know it’s time for a change. But your organization feels stuck.

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There’s a reason most non-profits spend years (or even decades) operating the same way. Because despite the best intentions, making real change is hard. 

There are different personalities and strong-willed opinions to contend with, constant timelines and budgets to meet, and critical decisions to be made. (And that’s not even mentioning the challenge of getting everyone to agree on the change needed in the first place!)

And that’s where Panoramic Strategy comes in – as a team of facilitators and strategic planners who have spent the last decade working with non-profits to make lasting, impactful organizational changes that better serve their communities.

Here’s how we do it. 

Finally come to a decision, get universal buy-in, plot a clear path forward, and more…

With Panoramic Strategy’s 4-step facilitation & decision-making process for change

Step 1: Discover

Establish the right time for change and bring together leadership

Whether you’re considering an integration, an updated future focus, or the creation of an entirely new entity, our first step is to answer one critical question: “Why is now the time for change?” 

By working directly with your task force and leadership (both professional and Board), we’ll develop a concrete answer that makes action inevitable. From there, we’ll move to generate shared trust, language, and understanding among your team on the “why” of your new path forward.

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Step 2: Align

Build trust among leaders and stakeholders to gather their input and arrive at the “yes”

Getting everyone in alignment is always the biggest barrier to change. That’s why we engage the management team and all relevant stakeholders early on – as well as build ownership and buy-in at all stages of the planning process. 

This may look like facilitated task force sessions, joint board meetings, and surveys that give each participant an equal voice. All done with the goal of developing an accurate, holistic picture of your group’s input to guide the rest of the process. 

The end result of step 2 will be a clear recommendation that allows everyone to enthusiastically say “yes.” And feel fully aligned on the path forward.

Step 3: Strategize

Transition from if change will happen to how change will happen

Once we’ve determined that change is right for your organization, we’ll plot a clear way forward with a “change roadmap.” 

This roadmap will outline your next action steps, barriers to overcome, practical solutions, budgets, and more. With this roadmap in hand, your team will have exactly what they need to move forward quickly with confidence and clarity.

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Step 4: Execute

Put the right people and pieces in place to make execution on the change a reality

Through our work advising on and executing change processes for dozens of other organizations, we’re able to offer guidance on the behind-the-scenes strategy you need for a successful (and impactful) change. 

Here are a few of the ways we’ve done this for former clients: 

  • Aligning organizational and legal structures based on what we’ve seen work 
  • Making recommendations on performance management and budgeting 
  • Heading negotiations with all relevant parties
  • Offering additional resources or contacts within our network that can make the change a reality 
  • Advising new CEOs through every step of the new path forward  

David Kaplan

Panoramic Strategy Founder

Headshot of David Kaplan
  • Panoramic Strategy founder, strategic planner & organizational change facilitator
  • Lead facilitator on the successful integration of the Jewish Federation and the Jewish  Community Foundation of Greater Columbus (which is now the established roadmap used by other communities pursuing integration nationwide) 
  • Former CFO of The Jewish Federation of Columbus
  • Has spent decades advising Fortune 100 companies, non-profits, and startups
  • Recipient of the ‘Columbus Business First’ 40 Under 40 Award and Partner of the Year Award from Jewish Family Service (for work with Holocaust survivors)  
  • Certified CPA and graduate of Ohio State’s Fisher College of Business

Beth Rosenberg

Panoramic Strategy Partner

Headshot of Beth Rosenberg
  • Panoramic Strategy partner, team facilitator & expert in high-performance team culture 
  • 25+ years of experience as a corporate executive at KeyCorp
  • Former President of Key Education Resources
  • Formerly responsible for strategic planning at Keycorp (a top national bank) for its top 12 executives 
  • Current Faculty, Executive Learning & Coach at McKinsey & Company programs 
  • MBA in finance from the Weatherhead School of Management at Case Western University 
  • Active in local non-profit boards
  • Certified Myers Briggs MBTI Facilitator 
  • Gestalt Professional Certified Coach

Case Studies

Here’s what impactful organizational change has looked like for some of our clients

How JewishColumbus’ Success Became the Nationwide Roadmap for Jewish Federations and Foundations Seeking Unity, Strength & Impact Through Integration

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“Nothing like what we were considering – an integration between the Federation and the Foundation – had been done before. So needless to say, we had quite the challenge ahead of us. Despite the challenge, it’s now been 3 years and 1 successful integration later...and without David’s help, I’m confident that the process to get here would not have been as quick, efficient, smooth..nor as fun! He truly has all the skills that are needed to make a challenging process like this happen.”
Audrey Tuckerman
Board Chair, JewishColumbus

From Decision to Implementation: How the Greater Phoenix Jewish Federation and Foundation Were Able to Come Together & Integrate for More Community Impact

“When both the Jewish Federation and the Jewish Community Foundation of Greater Phoenix had spent years having less impact than we knew they were capable of, we began looking into solutions like integrating the two organizations. The problem was that we couldn’t seem to get lay leaders and professionals to come to a decision. David was able to come in and not only help us come to a unanimous ‘yes’ decision to integrate, but also help us with all the behind-the-scenes strategy – including the organizational chart, the budgeting, the legal structure, and even advising our new CEO.”
Jonathan Hoffer
Chair of the Integration Task Force
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See how we can get your team to the “yes.”

Then move forward to make real change.