High-Performance Team Culture Advisory Services

Align your team. Build trust. And make real change.

You can have the best, most painstakingly prepared strategy & plan in the world

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But if your team isn’t on board?

Then it’s not going to have the impact you’re looking for.

Many organizations who set off to make a change get stopped in their tracks for one simple reason: their team isn’t ready to move forward.

And that’s where Panoramic Strategy can help – with custom, interactive workshops and executive coaching that get your team in alignment and ready to move forward. So you can build a high-performance culture. And your team can reach its full potential.

“Panoramic's workshops really dive into the business enough to truly understand it, understand the culture, and then look for solutions that aren’t run of the mill. They give careful thought to how each decision will impact the day-to-day operations.”

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High-Performance Team Culture Workshops & Facilitated Experiences

Whether you’re struggling with a misaligned team, lack of trust, or group resistance to change, Panoramic Strategy can build out a custom workshop to help you overcome it. 

But this won’t be just another dry workshop where your team sits in a room and is talked at. Instead, your team will get a facilitated experience that engages them with surveys, active skill building, small-team support, role play, 1:1 coaching, and more. 

Each workshop is fully customized for the client (we’ll have an initial strategy session with you first to see what your team needs). But to give you an idea of what this might look like, past workshop topics have included: 

  • Building Trust-Based Relationships (With Your Clients & Within Your Team) 
  • Creating Top Team Alignment
  • Collaborating to Build a High-Performance Team
  • Leading with an Empowered Mindset
  • Communicating with Impact
  • Enhancing Outcomes and Collaboration Through an Inclusive Work Environment

Performance & Leadership Coaching for Senior Executives

As leaders mature, they may find themselves looking for a second opinion to develop their leadership skills or offer support in decision-making. 

And that’s where coaching with Panoramic Strategy comes in.

With coaching focused on guiding you through “big” changes, we’re here to help you answer questions like: 

  • Where do I really want to go?
  • What are the data and facts that support this path?
  • How can I make changes and take ownership of them?
  • How do I engage with, connect, and build trust with others to define and take action on our path forward? 
  • How can communication and alignment across my team be improved for a successful change? 
  • How can I leverage my strengths and find the right partner to make myself a better leader?
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Qualitative 360° Team Alignment Surveys

Without a clear understanding of where your team is today, it’s just about impossible to make a successful change. That’s why all of our workshops and coaching engagements include our proprietary 360° team alignment survey. 

With the help of this assessment tool – customized fully to your company’s particular values and culture – we can paint an accurate, holistic picture of where your team currently stands on many issues. 

So if you’ve ever felt like you don’t have the support or alignment of your team but aren’t quite sure why, our 360° survey is there to help.

About Beth Rosenberg:
Your High-Performance Team Facilitator & Culture Advisor

  • Panoramic Strategy partner, team facilitator & expert in high-performance team culture 
  • 25+ years of experience as a corporate executive at KeyCorp
  • Former President of Key Education Resources
  • Formerly responsible for strategic planning at Keycorp (a top national bank) for its top 12 executives 
  • Current Faculty, Executive Learning & Coach at McKinsey & Company programs 
  • MBA in finance from the Weatherhead School of Management at Case Western University 
  • Active in local non-profit boards
  • Certified Myers Briggs MBTI Facilitator 
  • Gestalt Professional Certified Coach 

Get your team aligned & ready for real change.