Panoramic Strategy Services

Financial, strategic & change management services to grow your impact

For growing social enterprises seeking a financial partner who can help them align their vision to their finances, see what’s possible & grow:

Outsourced CFO Partnerships

If you’re a social enterprise that wants to grow, you know you need to have your finances in order. But you need more than just a number cruncher. You also need a partner you can trust.

That’s exactly what you’ll find with Panoramic Strategy’s outsourced CFO service – which blends partnership, strategy, and finances into one. So you have the full financial and strategic support you need to grow.

Man juggling
Two people forcasting

For organizations undergoing transitions or changes & in search of a strategic plan that won’t just sit on the shelf:

Strategic Planning Partnerships

With a facilitated approach that gives your team ownership (and finally gets everyone in alignment), follow-up implementation guidance, and a planning process built around you…when you work with Panoramic Strategy, you don’t just get a dusty, shelf-bound plan. 

You’ll get a living “strategic plan” with a clear vision, a practical course of action, and key priorities you can refer to daily – plus a strategic partnership that supports you in making it real.

For non-profits who want greater impact and change but feel stuck:

Organizational Change Management & Facilitation

Your non-profit wants to have a greater impact and a stronger community. But you know that requires a change. So how do you get everyone aligned on the right change? And then actually make it happen? 

As a team of facilitators and strategic planners who have spent the last decade working with organizations to make lasting, impactful organizational changes, Panoramic Strategy is here to help.

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Team heading in the right direction

For leaders who want to get their teams aligned & ready for real change:

High-Performance Team Culture Advisory Services

You can have the best, most painstakingly prepared strategy and plan. But if your team isn’t on board? Then it’s not going to make the impact you’re looking for. 

That’s where Panoramic Strategy can step in – with unforgettable custom, interactive workshops and coaching that get your team in alignment and ready to move forward. So you can build a high-performance culture. And your team can reach its full potential.

Case studies

Real-life stories of how we’ve helped our clients grow their impact

Women climbing a ladder

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Woman climbing stairs made out of paper

How the Jewish Federation of Greater Hartford Defined the Long-Term Changes & Impact They Needed to Re-Engage Their Local Jewish Community

woman on target

From Decision to Implementation: How the Greater Phoenix Jewish Federation and Foundation Were Able to Come Together & Integrate for More Community Impact

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How Startup [Re]start Gained the Clarity & Confidence it Needed to Move Forward and Become Reality