Finance and strategy,
when working in combination,
make powerful solutions reality.

Who We Are

Panoramic Strategic Solutions creates seamless connections between finance and strategy, strengthening your financial position and bringing clarity to your highest priorities. The results are powerful—solutions that are both achievable and accessible, customized to your unique needs.


The Panoramic Process

Find True North
Work together to establish clear goals
Craft Your Route
Evaluate and analyze key factors to build a thoughtful, flexible path forward
Support the Journey
Provide services to accelerate success and achieve new milestones during implementation
Our Values

Unwavering commitment to honesty every day

Motivation to generate innovative solutions with your team

Financial Success and making the world a better place can be achieved together


Meet David Kaplan

As a CPA with finance and strategy experience ranging from startups and nonprofits to Fortune 100 companies, David Kaplan is known for solving complex problems in ways that yield sustainable solutions. Panoramic Strategic Solutions was created from a value instilled during his business experiences and extensive backpacking trips: the idea that we should leave places better than we found them.

“I find nothing more satisfying than getting to the end of a journey, and realizing we’ve reached the top of the mountain. I bring the same philosophy to each new client—knowing that the best decisions drive that same joyous feeling, knowing your hard work pays off.”
David Kaplan, CEO