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Guiding Strategy for A Senior Care Provider



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Executive Summary

A prominent Continuing Care Retirement Community recognized that seniors’ homes and communities across the country are not positioned to meet the needs, let alone inspire a quickly growing number of older adults nationally. Our team guided the organization through a seven-month process that resulted in a transformation of the organization’s thought process and priorities, ultimately landing on a future where Great Places to Age will transform older adults’ quality of life.


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The opportunity

Funding streams for services are changing much much faster than the current organization’s ability to adapt. A lack of understanding at a deep level why things are changing, which did not allow for a full picture to make the best decisions.

The organization didn’t understand themselves at a core level - how each service line relates to each other, and look at the problems logically and analytically. Leadership didn’t take the time to focus on the future, and identify the best path forward.


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Our Approach

  • Key stakeholders aligned around the process identifying goals and critical questions to be answered for the organization.
  • Structured analysis of the organization's operations and lines of service highlighted critical insights about each line of business.
  • Deep understanding of the organization supported the development of a three-phase approach to serve as a strong, logical path forward
  • Key stakeholders continued to come together around the development of initiatives, action plans, and scorecards to plan for execution and measurement
  • Timelines and accountability was established to bring the strategy to life


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The Outcome

The process, tools, and expertise that Panoramic Strategy brought to our team helped us tackle the hardest questions facing our organization. We built consensus among key stakeholders by crafting a clear path forward based on logic and research, resulting in a commitment from leadership to execute at the highest level. At the same time, we have a better pulse on our own organization, as well as national trends and research, that will make us better each and every day.

  • Board of Directors approved strategy to pursue a three-stage strategy to transform the organization over five years.

  • Identified $1.5 mil + in cash flow increases to the organization as a result of initiatives

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