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Retreats & Workshops 

We deliver experiences that accelerate your success, and build alignment among those responsible for execution. We tailor 1/2 days to 3 day engagements that helps make the path forward clear, and empowers individuals to become leaders to enact change. 

A sample of facilitated workshops includes:

  • Board strategy retreats

  • The path to sustainability

  • Building for the future

  • Strategy alignment

  • Action Planning

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Implementation Templates

Highlighting the milestones, pain points, and ways that teams are co-dependent on themselves is critical to the success of any project. Our tea, will help in both the planning and execution phases of a project, using templates are used to coordinate activities, while clear, consistent communication make for a smooth, efficient process.We understand how important project management is to the execution of your most important initiatives, which is why our team is committed to making sure projects are managed with the highest quality.


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Mentor Mapping

Accelerating the impact of your team is strengthened by having a team that is engaged with mentoring relationships across the organization. We help your team identify mentoring relationships that exist today, and opportunities to connect where team members may not have known their impact could be felt. By opening your team's eyes to the needs and desires of other team members, we provide the insights and tools to help your team grow, having an impact on the entire organizational culture for years to come. We complement our tools with programs to create stronger leaders, inspire change, and motivate employees to become the best version of themselves, ultimately to make the best possible culture a reality.