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CFO Services

We provide a financial partner who will provide critical insights for your most important decisions. Our team will take responsibility for the management of financial operations, build tools that highlight financial insights, and conduct analysis that generate recommendations to drive your organization forward. Having a CFO at your disposal strengthen your financial operations, opens the time of key leaders, and positions your organization for continued success.

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Expense solutions

You need to stay focused on what's most important to your organization's success. Which is why we provide services designed to make sure that every dollar is positioned to the make the biggest difference to your goals. Independent assessments and execution of expense savings and value-added opportunities make sure you are getting the right price, and the highest value. We negotiate vendor contracts, design group purchase programs, and identify ways to make your dollar go further, to drive your mission and vision forward.   


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Financial Modeling

Whether you're expanding a current product or service line, or creating something new from scratch, having an independent and objective set of eyes can make a significant impact of your projections. We bring a unique set of modeling tools to the table, that help tell your story in numbers, and then look in the financial mirror to determine if that story is in fact realistic. By starting with an actions-based approach, we help key leadership see the impact of their decisions, ultimately improving your plan, and driving the outcome you're striving for in your organization.

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Excel automation & workshops

Streamlining and automating excel reports provides immediate value, generating time savings, improving accuracy, and opening the time of key employees. We recognize the importance of building this skill set within your organization, and design workshops specifically for the excel skills that will apply to your team's work today. In this way, we teach your team to become self-sufficient and confident in excel, taking their skills to the next level for the organization.